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Therapeutic Touch: Research & Application

Therapeutic Touch PictureSunday August 24 at 5:30 PM

New Temporary Location:  386 Clifton Park Center Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065.  Community Room at Saratoga National Bank behind JC Penny’s on the access road around the Clifton Park Mall. 

Healing refers to the tendency in each of us to approach wholeness.  It is a vital connection between mind, body and spirit.  Therapeutic Touch (TT) is a non-contact form of healing that works with the human energy field.  1970’s  Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN and the late Dora Kunz pioneered therapeutic touch  as a contemporary interpretation of ancient healing practices.  TT has a solid foundation in research, and has been the subject of over 40 doctoral dissertations, and many master’s theses.

Therapeutic Touch is a healing therapy based on the scientific assumption that matter and energy are interchangeable.   In other words, all matter, including the human body, is really energy.

Highlights of this program:  Discuss the historical development of Krieger/Kunz TT. Define Therapeutic Touch Identify the philosophical and theoretical assumptions underlying the practice of TT Discuss the scientific basis for Therapeutic Touch Define the phases of Therapeutic Touch Document the practice of TT  Demonstrate the practice of TT

TT has repeatedly been shown to: Create relaxation    Reduce Pain    Support the immune system    Accelerate healing of wounds    Alleviate stress related illnesses

Therapeutic Touch works even if the client doesn’t “feel” anything—sometimes even the practitioner doesn’t “feel” anything!  When you have an ultrasound treatment you generally can’t feel it.  Bioelectric circuits are being used to shrink tumors, and you can’t feel them working.  TT is like that.  It just works.  This evening you will get a chance to learn about Therapeutic Touch, and if time permits, experience it.

In this program, we are fortunate to learn about TT from Sue Conlin, President of the Therapeutic Touch International Foundation.  Sue has spent decades studying the subtleties of the human aura, intention and intuition.  If you are interested in subtle energy healing, Sue is an amazing resource and has offered to answer people’s questions.

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