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Spirituality & Weight Loss


spiritual weight loss let go jpgMarch 15 at 2:00 PM, The Yoga Lily, 1 Barney Rd, Clifton Park

Leslie M. Thornton struggled with weight issues for years.  She read all the articles, tried all the diets, and experimented with a gazillion supplements, however, she was puzzled when she still found herself sabotaging her own efforts.

It was not until Leslie learned self-hypnosis that she was finally able to harness her subconscious mind to work for her…instead of against her. Through these efforts Leslie started to wake up to her larger nature, which fed her emotionally and finally enabled her to gain the self mastery needed to loose weight permanently, with the unexpected side effect of enjoying her life more and more each day.

In this talk, Leslie will talk about how we can learn to flow effortlessly with our spirit by harnessing a healthy mindset through hypnosis.  She will help participants uncover their spirit through the power  their unconscious minds.   You will learn how to become aware of your spirit and journey into health and wellbeing, leaving annoying struggle and heaviness behind. Leave feeling, light, empowered, and motivated to take that kind of health actions that resonate most closely with you.

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