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The Process of Awakening

18897067_mSunday 1/19 at 2:00.
Shenendehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Common Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065

We often offer programs at Numinous regarding the process of awakening, covering such critically important topics as impermanence, embracing uncertainty, enlightened softness, healthy emptiness, eliminating the false self, and the 9 stages of consciousness.  In these talks, we discuss the process of expanding our identity to an eternal now, and the process of surrendering to the “Numinous”working through us…the “True Self”   But in this Numinous talk, we are very fortunate to hear about all these processes occurring in one life, the life of physical therapist,  Mathew Goodemote, who met a Spiritual Master from the lineage of Ramana Maharishi and Papaji, Ganga, Papaji’s wife in a Yurt on top of a mountain in the West Coast of Portuga in 2009…and his life has not been the same since.   Mathew has been courageous enough to come forward tell his story to help others benefit from his struggles to live from this larger state of  consciousness.

Self-discovery is the ultimate goal of spiritual seekers and must remain at the forefront for any lasting shift to occur.  What comes after the shift to getting a glimpse of the True Self is a “process of awakening.”  During this process, the egoic structure is fully destroyed which allows the True Self to emerge and remain as an uninterrrupted presence.

This transformation is nothing like what we expect and often the very thing that lead to the moment of awakening disappears and one is left without direction.  Here  no methods will offer any assistance and the only thing that helps this process is fully surrendering.

Mathew describes this realization as a shift in perspective.  “When I met Ganga I was desperate to know the truth and she pointed to what I have always known.  In that moment my perspective shifted and now I see the world through the perspective of the Self.”

The euphoria after this realization lasted for months but then the call to go deeper came not as the “still small voice” but as a “roll of thunder” in the clouds.  During this time the ego resurfaced with a vengeance and his life situation proceeded to fall apart.  The perspective shift of the Self is the only thing that remained unchanged.  The wisdom of American spiritual teacher,  Adyashanti, helped orient Mathew to the territory so the confusion and despair started to give way to an enduring timeless stillness and calm that continues to grow.

Join Mathew Goodemote, owner of Goodemote Physical Therapy of Saratoga Springs, NY, as he points to discovering your true nature, and what he has learned about how to ride through the “process of awakening” in a gentler manner.

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Shenendewhowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Common Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065
From 87 – Take Exit 9 W/Route 146  heading toward Schenectady
Travel on Route 146 for 2.4 Miles
Take Left on to Vischer Ferry Rd
Travel on Vischer Ferry Rd for 0.4 Miles
Take a Left into Clifton Commons Blvd
Very shortly, there will be a T-shaped intersection
Take a right at the T-shaped intersection and travel on until you see the red building on your left.
Enter in the side entrance on left.
Take a left down the hall, and room will be on the left

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