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Clearing Negative Energies??

ethersSOUND: WITHIN AND WITHOUT –Had to be rescheduled!!  Please see the following for Sunday April 12 at 2:00 

Clearing Negative Energies???

Sunday, April 12 at 2:00 PM, Yoga Lily 1 Barney Road, Clifton Park

Are there negative energies?  Some people would never ask this question, because they assume negative entities exist.  But others feel that focusing on negative energies brings in negativity.  Also, what about the concept that God is everywhere and there is “only one power in the Universe, God the Good, Omnipotent?”    And doesn’t asking for “spiritual protection” imply that we are weak, which makes us feel more vulnerable to negative thought forms ideas?.   Some people say you need spiritual protection, others say just stay focused on your mission and you don’t need to worry.  So…what is the truth??

In this class we will be addressing all these questions with Brenda Jenks, who has been practicing Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui since 1995.  Brenda also uses Dowsing to help neutralize noxious energies and clearing spaces. Recent newspaper articles in The Post-Star of Glens Falls, Natural Awakenings Magazine, and The Schenectady Gazette have showcased the space clearing aspect of her work.  She has also  successfully worked in the field of real estate to help facilitate the sale of homes and businesses. Preparing homes for sale includes energy clearing, staging, and helping the present owners “let go” emotionally to bring about a positive sales situation.   Brenda talks about how the ethers are filled with all sorts of entities, thought forms and angels, and how it behooves us to become aware of how these entities can and do influence us, especially when we feel we are stymied in our own lives.  This will be a lively discussion!

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