Prayer Support

Prayer Request
Intentional research across the world is demonstrating that our focused intention matters!!! The current understanding in prayer research methods is that prayer and intentions are considered synonomous. So please submit your prayer intentions, and someone from Numinous will combine their prayer intentions with yours for six months to help you support your goal.

You must do your part however, and learn how to hold your intention, and not forget about it or argue with it!!! Do not mentally obsess over obstacles… that only puts boulders between yourself and what Source is trying to co-create with you. Allow your mind to vision your goal until you experience mental resistance….then stop! Don’t settle for second best. Each day complete a small intention toward your goal and then appreciate your efforts as if you had just moved a mountain. Practice thinking about the situation working out while overcoming anything challenging in your path.   Every day, set intentions to look for and find ways that Source is demonstrating to you that he/she/it is faithful in supporting your intentions. Pray for the highest and best for everyone involved. Source is an equal opportunity employer who will engineer a solution that makes everyone deeply satisfied and extremely happy.

In the end, you will be more pleased with how you manifested your prayer intention, than what you manifested…because you will know that you co-created with Infinite Intelligence. When we recognize that we are not “alone” but are co-creating with the same Loving Intelligence that keeps our own heart beating and the planets in their orbit, we know we are capable of so much more. We gain a glimpse of the truth in the words that “faith as small as a mustard seed” can move mountains. Bethany