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Hello, and Welcome to NUMINOUS Online.

ProctorsIn my almost thirty years of teaching the art and science of Biofeedback with hands-on-healing healing modalities, the most powerful sessions, and the most dramatic healings I have witnessed, have been with clients who have had the greatest faith in a power higher than themselves. During our sessions, clients learn to surrender the rigidities of their body to the Loving Intelligence that not only created them from merely two tiny cells, but also keeps their heart beating over 100,000 times per day without interruption, and orchestrates 100,000 chemical reactions in each of their 100 trillion cells each second, among many other amazing processes. Loving Intelligence accomplishes all of this – with no need for our input. We all are “Riding on the back of a giant”. My passion is to teach reliable, systematic techniques that ignite people to experience this Loving Intelligence without the rigid dogma or theology.

My journey with Infinite Intelligence has spanned many decades and has had four primary training areas. You will find that programs at NUMINOUS revolve around these four disciplines. The first area of training has been traditional spiritual concepts from many traditions. These tenants are taught at most any place of practice or worship. They have endured the most rigorous scrutiny, the test of time by many cultures. No current science could replace their value.
The second area of training I have had has been learning to “think without resistance” and allow my deepest prayers to manifest. Many spiritual traditions tell us that we “reap what we sow.” However, most of us have never examined our mind’s meanderings close enough to know exactly what we are sowing, and then we wonder why we reap as we do!
To create effectively, our minds must not only be harnessed but disciplined as well. The most accelerated techniques I have learned to help people harness the mind are rooted in the science of Biofeedback. When we learn how to master our nervous system, we learn how to master ourselves. The body is the perfect biofeedback instrument for the mind. But the most profound result of these skills is that when we learn how to release our bodies’ rigidities, our mind also releases its rigidities. When this occurs, we naturally start asking “bigger ” questions.
Finally, I believe that “Truth is not frail.” I believe that the Divine not only can be scrutinized through science, but should be. My interest in prayer research started almost three decades ago when I read a prayer research study performed at San Francisco General Medical Center. The results of this prayer study were considered so significant that had the results been attributed to a new drug, its stock would have skyrocketed the next day. Intentional and prayer research and quantum physics continue to demonstrate that our intentions DO matter! My mission for NUMINOUS is to cultivate a group of meditators passionate about utilizing positive intentions to benefit the whole. Some research has been performed in this manner and recorded in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. Still, I feel that the research could be expanded upon, and each day I wake up, I am on a quest to add to this body of empowering information. I am always looking for the most reliable loving ways to focus the mind-body to accelerate physical and emotional healing.
One of my mentors is Peace Pilgram, a woman who made a journey of complete availability to God. After she released the last of her resistance to her mission, she traveled on foot for 28 years to tell as many people as possible how to obtain this inner peace. We know Peace was the “real deal”, because how many happy 73-year-olds do you know who are fearlessly sleeping on open roads with only a toothbrush and a pen? One day a reporter commented to Peace, “You seem to be a most happy woman.” She replied, “I certainly am a happy person. How could one know God and not be joyous?”

That is my wish for all participants of NUMINOUS events, that they come to learn how to commune with the Loving Intelligence that created them, and then learn how to bask in the joyous contentment of that knowledge while laughing as much as possible!