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Law Of Attraction – Divine Pride

20662346_sBethany Gonyea & Mark Shepard

Wednesday June 18 at 7:00

Unless we hold a stance of self-worth toward ourselves, no self-help programs will ever make a difference in our lives.   We can spend thousands of dollars on books and seminars, but unless we consider ourselves people of worth, we will not garner the enormous resources that change often requires. When we feel that we are unworthy,  we can literally waste decades delaying the positive changes we know would dramatically improve our lives. For our conscious intentions to take hold with the Law of Attraction, it is also critically imperative that we have a stable sense of self-worth,   otherwise, our intentions will have no impact.

In this talk, we will discuss self-worth, self-esteem and how they relate to Divine Pride, the understanding that our worth is not established from temporal circumstances, but from “claiming our seat” in the Infinite.   Not only will practical advice be given to help people reaffirm their worth by making more conscious self-affirming daily choices, but also by practicing the deep physiological state of Divine Pride, knowing one’s place in the Infinite.   To facilitate this process, Mark Shepard will be sharing a powerful Neurolinguistic technique that will enable us to swiftly enable us to experience an unwavering sense of self-worth.  Bethany Gonyea will then lead the group in a meditation that will enable you to feel your vast importance to the Universe. As we practice this state of deep reverence for our Divine heritage, we simultaneously experience a deep humility as we feel compassion for all people. By learning how to access this powerful state that maintains a deep honoring and respect for self and other, we greatly facilitate the appropriate stance for our deepest intentions to be honored and respected by the Infinite as well.

Donation Suggested $20

Shenendehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Common Court, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Off Exit 9 of the Northway

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