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Seeking Source Saturday: Finding Your Querencia!

Querencia jpgNovember 22 at 4:00 PM
634 Plank Rd, Suite 202, Clifton Park, NY 12065,  just off Exit 9 of 87
Free Positive Music CD by Mark Shepard & Free Querencia Meditation CD offered to those who RSVP at

Ernest Hemingway in Death in the Afternoon loosely defined querencia as a place of safety.   It is a location in a bullfighting ring where the bull returns to gather his strength around him…a space more psychological than physical in it’s boundaries.  If the matador cannot entice the bull out of his querencia, it means the matador must go to the bull and enter into the area of greatest danger to the bullfighter. For once in it’s querencia, the bull now controls the situation.  In his querencia, the bull does not deflate in the presence of his predator, instead the bull more becomes emboldened.

Each of us have many matadors in our lives, many challenges that we must face.  If we allowed our minds to run even for a brief moment, we can ruminate on dozens of serious threats to our lives.  Each day, our  nervous system trips into the fight or flight response multiple times a day as we face these challenges.  How do we manage these fears?  How do we live in this world and not feel defeated from the magnitude of threats facing us or collapse from the sheer volume of these perils?  One approach is to find your querencia within you through meditation, which offers an unique opportunity to learn how to “stand strong” when facing fear.  The quiet controlled space of meditation gives us an opportunity to practice “standing tall” while facing challenges, which effortlessly transfers to our daily lives.  We learn about how to pause & enter our own querencia, to gather our strength around us before proceeding.  We have the opportunity to practice which holding a place of of “good head and shoulders” and great dignity as we face the infinite sources of  challenges that confront us.

At this Seeking Source Saturday, we will discuss how to access the querencia within us, and a free CD will be offered to help transfer skillet to daily life,

As always, we are blessed to have Mark Shepard lead us to this place within with his carefully selected, often custom created, music for this topic.  For more about Mark Shepard’s music, please visit:

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Free Positive Music CD by Mark Shepard & Free Querencia Meditation CD offered to those who RSVP at

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