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Eliminating Anxiety Through Spiritual Activism

Time To Get Up Off That Meditation Cushion?
Time To Get Up Off That Meditation Cushion?

Eliminating Anxiety Through Spiritual Activism

Bethany Gonyea
Tuesday 10/15 at 7:00 PM

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it;
and whosoever shall lose his life shall gain it. Jesus

Becoming weapons of mass construction. Unknown

When people first come to the spiritual path, they often become extremely self-focused, as they read numerous books and travel from one alternative health care professional to another trying to “fix” themselves.

Often, this is a much needed

time to pull in one’s energies and focus on the self to reevaluate priorities.

Unfortunately, when this phase lasts too long, this self introspection can lead to anxiety, inertia and depression. Instead of spirituality becoming about renewal, it becomes entertainment. Education substitutes for transformation. People get more confused, and keep trying to find the “magic bullet” that will fix everything. What is tragic is that many people don’t know at this point that if they just added one form of meaningful service to their lives, pursued one activity that their soul is beckoning from them, all of their challenges would shift around similar to a kaleidoscope, and they would move into a much more beautiful pattern for their lives.

Each of us has a particular mission in life that we must act upon….it will NOT act on us. Source is calling each of us to express something unique in the world, and we simply will not feel complete until we do it. If we don’t, we will continuously look toward external sources (books, teachers, leaders) to achieve what we is being beckoned from deep within in us.

That is why so many spiritual people suffer from anxiety…they are getting direct intuitive insights on how to proceed, but resist the growth that these insights require. Even when they do make steps to fulfill their mission, they often go “kicking and screaming” having no idea that they are cultivating the required powerful spiritual dynamism that Chardin referred to when he wrote there is “more power in the human heart than in the atomic bomb” that can positively transform the world through it’s purity.
Beddington-Behrens, M.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D an internationally known,Oxford-educated Transpersonal Psychotherapist, writes that “Given the perilous state of the world today, I feel that those of us who are not ill or impoverished or otherwise handicapped, cannot afford to be complacent, and that no matter how busy we may be, we all have a duty to see what we can do to help our planet or “make a positive difference”, particularly in those spheres which are of particular concern to us.”

People who serve, know a secret….but they may not even be aware they know the secret, they just know that service is something they feel compelled to do. Something is missing when they don’t, so they get hooked. They come to expect the spring in their step from the increased energy. They feel the strength of having a focus outlet for their sense of purpose. They appreciate the lingering lifted state of consciousness for hours after they participate. And, the profound healing moments of self-transcendence they experience as they merge with other individuals who share the same value system.

They also savor the spontaneous gratitude that wells up from within them. There is a reason for all this good stuff, through service we have a unique opportunity to transcend ourselves, which is what all of our spiritual discipline cultivates, the experience of merging with the sea of infinite health and prosperity consciousness that connects us all.

In this class, you will learn how to uncover your Spiritual Activist mission, clarify it, meet the resistance toward facing it, why it is important for our well-being to overcome these challenges, and help you feel first hand that atomic positive energy bomb that explodes from within that will fuel your life in so many beautiful and unexpected ways.

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