Come Have Fun With the NUMINOUS community and Explore Your Greater Nature By Participating in our:

Intentional Coherence Athlete Program

A program that teaches you research based intentional skills while cultivating joy and happiness to facilitate reliable grace in your life.

Learn How To Live an Empowered Life in Real Life!

  • Biweekly audio-streamed Tuesday evening courses in surrounding Albany counties and online around the world.    (If you start a local hub in your home of 6+ people, we will provide you with technical support and equipment)
  • Audio downloads distributed at each session to apply intentional work to your daily challenges.  Watch intention work it’s magic in your life.
  • Opportunity to ask how to use intention in your life while you facing current daily challenges.  Receive “gritty from the street advice” from Bethany who has been working with intention for almost 25 years.
  • Learn how to become coherent…which basically means become happier, more fulfilled, and be more successful with your intentional efforts.
  • RECEIVE coherent energy from the group of participants sending you loving energetic support to manifest your deepest intentions.
  • You benefit from both receiving AND giving…as the peace projects have demonstrated along with current intentional research that sending good intentions creates a vacuum in your field to receive them.
  • If you live close enough geographically, you have opportunities to train in coherence at coherence labs around the capital district.
  • Have the delight of sharing your successes, and hearing the successes of others.  That is when the fun starts!

$99 Month per month for four months

Think how your life will change in 4 months of applying the discipline to skillfully employ intention in your life!