June 27, 2022 BY

Learning To Endure The State of Bliss

Take a moment and think about something or someone you love.

Just sit there for a minute and allow yourself to dwell on something or someone you love.

What stops you from staying in that love?

Did you figure it out…

Try again if you did not get it.

Dwell in a loving space for a moment…

What stops the loving space?

The answer is….”you do!”

Your thoughts stop the flow of love in your life and in your energy field.

Causing us to feel alone and separate.

Understand….love is infinite…but our capacity to love is only a tiny thimbleful compared to the sea of love that surrounds us.

How do we let this infinite love to live within us?

Those are the topics tht we discuss in Numinous.

But it all starts with

  1. you becoming intolerante of feeling miserable
  2. knowing there is a better way, and taking steps toward it.
  3. conditioning the body to tolerate feeling fabulous!

Learn more by attending Consciousness Athlete events at FAVOR upstate on Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM.



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