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Albany Peace Project 2017 Meditations



The Albany Peace Project is an online and offline community of meditators who focus their meditation intentional efforts to help eliminate suffering in the Greater Albany, NY area. To date, 20 out of 24 intentional studies were performed throughout the world that demonstrate when large groups of people focus their peaceful intentions there is a positive effect on the whole.

Currently, researchers, Karin Reinhold, PhD, and Bethany Gonyea, MS are gathering and training meditation volunteers in the greater Albany area to become part of this exciting pioneering work. Meditative instruction and intentional research video blog casting is being offered to help people gain an understanding of the inspiring research that has already been done, and the need to add to this exciting growing body of work.

The Albany Peace Project is an outreach of NUMINOUS, a 501(c)3 non-denominational organization which offers lectures that synthesize biofeedback training & healing/prayer research to provide reliable methods for strengthening and inspiring dynamic lives of service. The Albany Peace Project has been created with the acknowledgement that not all faiths can agree on doctrine, but can agree to employ focused healing intentions to reduce human suffering.

2017 Meditations

When you click on the link below it will take you to that day’s specific meditation. When you participate in this study, please follow the instructions. Please be sure to click the play button on the Soundcloud to participate in our collective research, and Dr. Karin Reinhold will be able to include your participation with our data. We need you to click the soundcloud once you visit the page in order for our data to work. 

12.31.16 – Bethany Gonyea Opens APP 2017: Awakening Your Hero

1.1.17 Bethany Gonyea, Founder, Awakening the Hero Within

1.2.17 – Mary Sise, LCSW, Author of Energy of Belief

1.3.17 – Karin Reinhold, PhD, Researcher for Albany Peace Project

1.4.17 – Mark Shepard – “Compulsive Singer/Songwriter” & NLP Master Trainer

1.5.17 – Michelle Dalbec – Kripalu Yoga Teacher

1.6.17 – Brandon Russ – Spirit Tree Connections, Owner

1.7.17 – Bethany Gonyea – Social Coherence and Emotional Diabetics

1.8.17 – Bernard Shuman – Mindfulness As A Solution To Violence

1.9.17 – Damian Ubriaco – Saratoga High School English Teacher

1.10.17  Ray Crist – Jaguar Path Yoga & Shamanic School

1.11.17 – Ellen Rose Cunningham – Kripalu Trained Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

1.12.17 Martina Zobel – Integrative Yoga Therapy

1.13.17 Steven Leonard – Kripalu Staff Yoga Teacher

1.14.17 – Bethany Gonyea – Collective Emotion and “Global Coherence”

1.15.17 – Rev. Crystal Muldrow – Unity Minister



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