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Who Do You Think You Are?

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Tuesday, January 28 at 7:00 PM
Clifton Park Adult Community Center
Bethany Gonyea, MS

After all of my spiritual study and life experience, I have come to a belief about life’s challenges…why they occur, why they keep coming, and why they often seem to be custom designed to rock us to our unique individual core. It is my belief at this point that every challenge that comes our way is inviting us to ask this one question….

”Who Am I?”

Am I a finite being that has only the apparent resources at my fingertips….or am I a citizen of the Universe with the ability to invoke resources far beyond what my five senses allow me to experience?

There is a Greek myth of Lethe. The myth suggests that we all take a sip of this river of forgetfulness (Lethe) prior to incarnating, which causes us to forget our eternal nature, our eternal state of being. People who experience near death experiences often report they are no longer afraid of death, because while they were “dead” they “remembered” or experienced their spirit as so vast, so expansive, and so much an integral part of infinite love they never again fret their own death. After gaining this perspective, they often return to their lives to make different bolder choices, ones that reflect their remembering of their larger identity which enables them to manage life’s challenges from a much broader more resourceful perspective.

In this talk we will determine if we have a fixed or growth belief system based on psychologist Carol Dweck’s thirty years of research and how answering this question can help us to meet life’s challenges in a much more creative and even fun approach. During this talk, we will start asking the question of “who we think we are” and observe how it influences everything in our entire life including relationships, job choices, financial choices and health habits. Simply asking this question invokes deep introspection and change as it recalls a deep knowledge within all of us.

$20 Donation Appreciated

Shenedehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Common Court
Clifton Park, NY 12065

From 87 – Take Exit 9 W/Route 146 heading toward Schenectady
Travel on Route 146 for 2.4 Miles
Take Left on to Vischer Ferry Rd
Travel on Vischer Ferry Rd for 0.4 Miles
Take a Left into Clifton Commons Blvd
Very shortly, there will be a T-shaped intersection
Take a right at the T-shaped intersection and travel on until you see the red building on your left.
Enter in the side entrance on left.
Room will be the third set of doors on the right.


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