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What Every Visionary Knows To Manifest

visionary lightbulbIn this day and age when we are flooded with media, we often see individuals in the news who have achieved certain accomplishments. We see them after they have achieved their goals when they are polished, confident, and integrated.

However, the media rarely ever turns the camera on the unknown musician in a basement practice room with no one listening, a struggling athlete up at 4:00 am to get some extra push-ups in before a 7:00 am practice or an insatiable political student reading history on Friday evenings, while their friends are out partying.

In fact, these individuals often receive ridicule from their peers for their different choices.

What makes these individuals disciplined is their vision, and an unwavering commitment to honor it without external accolades. And as we know, these are the individuals that become the people on the news tomorrow.

If you read biographies of leaders, we see them make similar choices over and over again, and then we marvel that they are disciplined they are.

However, what we often learn is that these people have a well formed vision, which becomes their guiding light that enables them to discern specific behaviors that are worthwhile to them, but often go against the crowd.

These people are not special, because we all have a personal life mission, however the alchemy of unfolding our mission has never been revealed to us. Unfortunately, many of us have never seen one of these individuals up close, so we never got exposed to their unpopular thinking patterns and way of life that facilitates unique expression and extraordinary accomplishments.

In this session, we will explore what every visionary knows, how to find your vision, honor it without external approval, and walk confidently toward it’s manifestation in your life knowing the Source is on your side.

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