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Seeking Source Saturday: Remembering Our Magnitude

Moon Over Ocean Saturday, August 23 at 4:00

Location Change!!: 386 Clifton Park Center Rd, Clifton Park, NY  Community Room in Saratoga National Bank – behind JC Penny’s 

Most of us have all heard the phrase….”We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  We hear that phrase at our spiritual groups, briefly smile at the recognition we feel in our souls, and then often forget that understanding when we go home to do the bills, dishes and laundry.   In the mundane, we forget our magnitude.

 It is certainly is so easy to do.  Most of the environments we live in have been shaped by people who have not remembered the grand journey that we are on, which socially conditions us to think small.  A Course In Miracles repeatedly reminds us to stay vigilant in remembering our heritage, our magnitude, because our purpose in being here is to hold that awareness in our minds so we can remind others of theirs.  In a world that is constantly encouraging us to be content with less,  The Course exhorts us to strive against this “littleness”.

“To hold your magnitude in perfect awareness in a world of littleness is a task the little cannot undertake. Yet it is asked of you, in a tribute to your magnitude and not your littleness.”

Every challenge we face is begging us to ask the question, “Who am I?”  Am I a finite being whose personality will vanish at the end of my life, or am I an eternal being?  If I am an eternal being, how does that identity impact my current experience?

So, instead of praying for our bills to be paid, we ask that through the unknowing, we come to know more of who we truly are.  Instead of fretting about the future, we learn to stay attentive to what is striving to unfold within us right now.  Instead of dreading the next meeting, we remember to bring our memory of expansive love, who we really are, to the table.

In this talk, We will discuss how to create and maintain the wide perceptual field required to successfully remember our magnitude in the face of adversity.  We will also learn to bring challenges to the alter of our magnitude, and experience the healing, balance and creativity that it inevitably liberates.  As we remember our magnitude, as a daily, or even hourly practice, we realize we don’t just liberate ourselves, we help liberate others as well.  The reliable return to joy it facilitates affirms and reinforces our efforts.

To greatly enhance our efforts reach this level of consciousness, Singer/Songwriter and Posi Award Winner, Mark Shepard will perform his original musical journeys and lead us in song through a musical experience that will enable us remember our magnitude and smile with recognition.  http://positive-songs.com




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