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Music, Message & Meditation: Quantum Prayer

Quantum prayer

Saturday March 21 at 4:00 PM

The Yoga Lily, 1 Barney Road #222, Clifton Park, NY 12065

In this Seeking Source Saturday, we will discuss Dr. Joe Dispenza’s explanation of how intentions manifest based on his cutting edge work in consciousness.  Dr. Dispenza’s work has been gaining world wide attention over the past several years.   He has become so confident in his understandings of how the mind heals the body that he now invites scientists to his workshops.  These scientists measure changes in people who attend Dr. Dispenza’s workshops where attendees routinely experience spontaneous healings.

In order for such deep healing to occur, we need to travel into the unknown,…and stay there!   Because it is from the unknown that we will manifest new results, not the known.  We will  discuss how when we venture into the unknown, which could also be thought of as a “sea of potential” , we invite the potentialities that we prefer to form and manifest in our lives.  We will shake loose from the rigid patterns we keep re-manifesting each day, and gain some basic scientific knowledge that enables us to maintain belief in the process as we attend to the discipline that is required for things to change.

We are blessed to have Pam Madina, sole proprietor of the Yoga Lily lead us in drumming and simple chant to facilitate leading our spirits through meditation into the deep states of consciousness required for transformation and healing to occur.

$20 Donation

Directions At Yoga Lily:  Go into first door.  Follow signs to The Yoga Lily.  We are located upstairs in Suite 222.  (When you get upstairs, follow the horseshoe around until you see 2 double doors with vending machines. Go in those doors. The Yoga Lily is on the left.)



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