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Seeking Source Saturday: Petty Tyrants & The Changeless Mind

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July 19, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Petty tyrants surround us everyday.  They can be total strangers or the people we love the most.  The only thing they have in common is that they irritate us.  We experience anger, frustration, indignation, fear and sometimes hate, just to mention a few of the negative feelings that might come up when you encounter a petty tyrant.

According to Don Juan Matus, a shaman from a long lineage of shamans going back to Ancient Mexico, petty tyrants are gifts.   He once sat next to his apprentice Carlos Castaneda, who was reeling from an encounter with a fellow apprentice.  Don Juan laughed at his predicament and told Carlos how lucky he was.  Carlos looked at him as if he lost his mind.  How can I be lucky?  This woman is crazy.  All she strives for is to aggravate me!  Why?  What could I have possibly done to her?  Don Juan hollers out with laughter and told him not to pay any attention to her.  What he needs to understand is that she is his petty tyrant, and petty tyrants teach us precious lessons in stalking our spirit.

 How ca we constructively manage with ubiquitous petty tyrants?   A Course In Miracles gives us a clue by telling us to connect with our “changeless mind,”   the part of our mind that remembers why we are here what the priceless purpose is for having petty tyrants in our lives.  Our changeless mind enables us to stop feeling crucified in their presence and returns us to the seat of power within us.  We learn to immediately recognize them for the gift they are, and with advanced practice, our grumbling miraculously turns into gratitude.  Amazingly, the changeless mind even makes the act of forgiveness obsolete!

In this program, we will access our “changeless mind” and feel the enduring peace that accompanies it. To help us reach this level of consciousness, Singer/Songwriter and Posi Award Winner, Mark Shepard will perform his original musical journeys and lead us in song through a musical experience that will enable us to access our changeless mind and smile with recognition.  http://positive-songs.com Donations Accepted

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