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FREE Webinar: The Science of Coherence, Interconnectivity, and Relationships

Free Webinar – Sunday November 30 at 4:30 PM EST

Dr. Rolin McCraty, Director of Research at  The Institute of Heartmath


This webinar will focus on interconnectivity between people, people and animals, and with the earth itself. Topics covered include: heart coherence and how it facilitates energetic connectivity, and intuition. Dr. McCraty will show research conducted in his laboratory which has confirmed that when an individual is in heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic signal into the environment, which can be detected by nearby animals or the nervous systems of other people. His research team has found that there is a direct relationship between the heart rhythm patterns and the spectral information encoded in the frequency spectra of the magnetic field radiated by the heart. In essence, it appears that a  bio-energetic communication system may indeed exist which serves to communicate information between people and in highly coherent groups the beneficial effects can be enhanced.

The webinar will also discuss how the earth and ionosphere generate a symphony of resonant frequencies that are in the same frequency range as those of the human heart and brain. New evidence suggests that these resonances, which are globally propagating waves, provide a mechanism that explains many of  the biological and behavioral effects of geomagnetic activity. He will also explain the hypothesis and supporting data that suggest the earth’s magnetic field can carry biologically relevant informant  and connects all living systems. If all living systems are indeed interconnected and communicate with each other via biological and electromagnetic fields, it stands to reason that humans can work together in a co-creative relationship to consciously increase global peace and coherence.

Personal Note from Bethany:

After the first phase of APP last year, I called the Institute of Heartmath  and told them about this great group of meditators in the Albany, NY area and asked if we could be licensed to use one of their heart protocols.  They said, “Yes!”.    So we will be including Institute of Heartmath’s Heart Lock-In® techniaue in the daily January protocol. Rolin casually mentioned doing a webinar, and I quickly asked, “Could you do a webinar that will offer supporting science to support belief in the viability of the Albany Peace Project.”  This is the topic he suggested, so I am sure there will be some potent information in this program demonstrating to us that we all are…in fact….connected, and how important it is for each of us to do our personal work not only to improve our own lives, but also to facilitate the evolvement of consciousness of the whole.  Albany Peace Project provides a rare opportunity to do that, and have it count!  Please participate.


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